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This Morning’s Phillip Schofield & Holly Willoughby interview paedophile

Another controversial episode of the ITV Daytime show  was aired last week.

Philip and HollyWell we don’t know what is going on with This Morning at the moment but they seem determined to cause controversy with every episode they air. First they gathered love-her-or-hate-her ex The Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins under their wings and allowed her to appear on the This Morning sofa several times shouting her mouth off about children’s names and how everyone else in the world was a terrible parent except her. They then  made Philip Schofield eat a fox which had been killed on the side of the road. Then a couple of weeks ago we had to endure watching a couple drink their own urine live on the show, whatever next we wondered?

Well we will tell you. This time they decided to interview a convicted pedophile. Of course there has been lots of stories in the news coming out in the past few years in light of the Jimmy Saville scandal so perhaps  to the This Morning producers it seemed as good a time as any to bring up the topic.

Holly and Philip sat on the This Morning sofa opposite John (not his real name) who sat with his back to the camera so audiences at home were only able to see his silhouette. John confessed that he had twice been convicted of possessing indecent images of children. He came onto the show to try to highlight the lack of assistance people like himself have to get help and rehabilitate which is, according to him, one of the main reasons why paedophiles re-offend.

The interview was prerecorded and even John’s real voice was not used so that his identity would not be revealed. Holly and Philip were joined on the sofa by Mark Williams- Thomas, an investigative journalist best known for exposing the Jimmy Saville offences.

During the interview, Home Secretary Theresa May responded to come of the comments coming in from the public, and a survey conducted by This Morning researches which showed that many members of the British public do not believe Paedophiles are capable of changing.
May said:

“I know people feel hugely strongly about this but we do need to make sure that in an area the right action is being taken. You don’t want to see someone finding their life being destroyed just because of a rumour going round. That’s why it’s important people can have access to the right information through Sarah’s Law and can go to the Police if they are worried about someone.”

John himself had tried to get better and even prevented himself from buying a computer to reduce the chances of him re-offending. He spoke of how a better solution needs to be available saying:

‘I believe there’s a lot of help I could have if it’s free – because I can’t pay for it. There are organisations out there that are helping people and are helping them very well. They’re helping recondition them, helping them to find ways of rethinking and reprogramming.

‘And every single person who is helped and doesn’t re-offend, that’s one less person going on the internet and looking at those images.’

However as viewers took to Twitter to voice their views it seems as though the segment, instead of perhaps presenting things in a different light, only made people feel angry and disgusted

Jane Davis, tweeted: ‘I can’t cope with what’s happening on This Morning @ITV right now. Are they actually interviewing a convicted paedophile?! #horrific’.

Sara Nicholls added: ‘The interview with the guy who’s a convicted paedophile right now on This Morning is so horrible to watch.’

Another user rather sarcastically said ‘Nothing like a cheery interview with a paedophile on this morning to start the week off,’

Perhaps this new controversial direction is not the best way forward and ITV bosses should have a re-think before people start changing the channel?

Image courtesy of compretweet.org.uk

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