Dickinsons Real Deal competition –great cash prizes to be won!

David Dickinson

David Dickinson

Dickinsons Real Deal airs on ITV and has been a daytime TV favourite for viewers across the UK for many years.  Not least because often there is a daily deal with gives audiences at home the chance to win cash prizes in the Dickinsons Real Deal competition. The Dickinson’s Real Deal competition saw one lucky viewer walk away with a fantastic £2550 cash prize. This is a truly brilliant amount to start the New Year with, just think what you could buy…A new car? A new kitchen? Go on a fabulous holiday ?–the possibilities are endless.

Make sure you tune in to Dickinsons Real Deal to be in with your chance of winning cash prizes just like this one! What a way to start 2014!

The format of Dickinsons Real Deal competition is usually based on a question. Viewers are asked to guess how much the special item of that day will make at auction. Those who guess correctly are the automatically entered into the prize draw and if they are picked will walk away with the great cash prize which is equivalent to the final selling price of the item!

The competition is usually shown near the commercial breaks of the programme so keep your eyes and ears peeled to make sure you don’t miss out! If you do miss it then you can always use ITV player to re watch the programme to make sure you have all the information you need to enter the fabulous prize draw! ITV have never made it easier to enter their competitions and you can have your shot at winning the Dickinsons Real Deal competition cash prize by phoning, texting or entering on line on the MSE forum.

Of course we all love Dickinson’s Real Deal, the exciting antiques show with a twist and it is perhaps the charismatic David Dickinson that made the show what it is! However recent reports reveal that Dickson was not always the full of energy, antiques- mad and slightly eccentric gentleman that comes across on our screens today. No in fact it has come out that he actually served time at Strageways Prison in Manchester! You would never have guessed that this bubbly presenter who is often gently mocked in the press for his somewhat orange complexion was once a pasty faced youth who got himself into trouble! He served four whole years after playing a part in a fraud scam!

However its Dicknsons ability to admit his mistakes and laugh at himself that makes him so loveable and popular with viewers across the country. Having once described himself as ‘Peter Stringfellow’s love child crossed with a mahogany hat stand’, he has shown the press that he is happy to laugh at himself and doesn’t mind a joke or two at his expense! His ability to do so seems to have done his career the world of good as Dickinson’s Real Deal consistently draws in the viewers and the other programme he presents –Bargain Hunt does even better regularly drawing in audiences of millions.

Bargain Hunt – which involves two teams of contestants picking out antiques, each with £500 to spend then attempting to re-sell them to make a profit is a huge hit, and turned Dickinson into something of a celebrity!

Make sure you keep watching David Dickinsons TV shows and you could be the one walking away with the jackpot cash prize!

Cash prize

Cash prize








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